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Technology in the real estate sector

Technological innovation in the real estate sector is essential to improve the customer experience and increase efficiency in the property buying and selling processes. Technology allows for a more attractive presentation of properties, greater accessibility for buyers and optimization of internal processes. Technological innovation is a key factor to stay competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

Show your properties in 3D


Show your properties in 3D 360º from your mobile or PC

Your clients can feel inside the property from anywhere through the web.


Virtual Reality to visualize the property

We present your properties in an impressive and exciting way. We create a personalized virtual experience of the property, highlighting everything necessary to achieve 100% immersion.

VR Properties
Export your plan to 3D


Turn a plan into a 3D home

Explore your project before building it. Turn your plans into 3D models to view your design from every angle and save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Trust our services to convert plans into high-quality 3D models.


Easy shopping with the selection of apartments

If you have a large project this is your best option. Make it easier for your clients to search and simplify the process of choosing and reserving the property.

apartment selector


View the properties from your mobile camera

This is the description of your project. Provide a brief description to explain the context and background of your work. Click “Edit Text” or double-click the box to get started.

Newspapers and magazines talk about VR and Real Estate


Our team of developers will turn your idea into reality

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